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I'm organizing some information acquired during my activities as a chemist working with water resources.

The motivation to publish this "site" is to help students and professionals who are dealing directly or indirectly with water resources in the public or private sector.

It is also an invitation for us to see the water not only as a "Natural Capital" which one can make profits or reduce costs in times of scarcity, but rather as an "Natural Heritage Essential to Life" and therefore to be treated with respect above the economic and political issues.

The first article, "Water - An Integrated Approach" is an attempt to show the interfaces of the theme "Water" with different areas of knowledge.

The article “Automation” describes the implementation of an “Free Software” based on the language Tcl/Tk and the standard LECIS which aims to simplify and help the automation of experimental setups and analytical systems with emphasis on laboratories which deal with water resources.

All this material is licensed under the GNU-FDL.


Note: The translation of this content has been made with Google Translator, so send the criticism about the style to Google. ;^)