7. Programação

7.1. Automação em Laboratório

ASTM E1989-98 (LECIS) - The New Instrument Control Standard

Bio Labware Review

7.2. Python

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 3

7.3. Lua

Manual de Referência de Lua 5.2

Programming in Lua (first edition)

Fun with Lua

Learn Lua from JavaScript, part 1: An introduction to Lua

7.4. Shell

Aprendendo Shell script

7.5. OpenCV

Scanner 3D com Leite

7.6. Tcl/Tk

Tcl/Tk - Developer's Guide - Third Edition - Clif Flynt

Object Oriented Programming in Tcl

7.7. Máquina de Estados


Máquina de estado - Embarcados

7.8. Programação Probabilística


What is probabilistic programming?