17. Água

17.1. Ciência da Água

Efeito Marangoni

How Water's Properties Are Encoded in Its Molecular Structure and Energies

Explore Thermodynamics: Reach Your Mpemba Effect! (with Building ESP Thermologger)

The natural (baseline) quality of groundwater in England and Wales

Water Science

Water Science - Gerald Pollack

Água em nanotubos

Ciência, Tecnologia e Arte dos Cristais de Gelo

Gerador eletrostático Kelvin

Detailed Investigation of the Electric Discharge Plasma between Copper Electrodes Immersed into Water

17.2. Captação de Água de Chuva

Minicisterna Residencial

Green Solar Powered Water Barrel Version 2

Green Solar Powered Water Barrel

Simple, Inexpensive Rain Barrel Build

17.3. Captação de Água Atmosférica

Condensação de vapor da água ambiente

17.4. Captação de Água Subterrânea

Spring Water Collection System

17.5. Qualidade da Água

Qualidade da Água no Piabanha - INEA

Drinking water quality standards

ANA - Portal da Qualidade das Águas


Drinking Water Treatability Database

17.6. Controle de Nível


Water Level Indicator Using Magnets

Capacitive Fluid Level Sensor

Medição de nível por borbulhamento

Bubbler systems are used to measure water level by detecting the pressure required to force air through a submerged tube. The tube is mounted with the end of the tube below the water surface being measured, and the air emerges from the bottom of the tube as a stream of bubbles. The air flow rate is relatively small--just enough to prevent water from backing up into the tube--so the pressure required to push air through the tube is equal to the pressure at the tube's outlet. This pressure is proportional to the water depth above the bottom of the tube. A big advantage to bubblers is the location of the pressure sensor. The sensor, or transducer, is at the air source on the canal bank instead of being under water. Submerged transducers can have problems with corrosion, clogging, freezing, and physical damage from debris, animals, or people. The only submerged part of a bubbler system is the air tube, which is inexpensive to replace if it becomes damaged.

How to make a Capacitive Water Level Sensor

Depth sensor prototype

A Dozen Ways to Measure Fluid Level

17.7. Tratamento

Low-Cost Sustainable Technologies for the Production of Clean Drinking Water-A Review

Spent Coffee Bioelastomeric Composite Foams for the Removal of Pb2+ and Hg2+ from Water

Math Solutions: Alkalinity Calculations

Wastewater Videos

Destilador Solar (Solar Still)

Destilador Solar

Fabric-Based Ion Concentration Polarization for Pump-Free Water Desalination

17.8. Cloração

Cloração ou Cloraminação

Gerador eletroquímico de cloro

17.9. Filtros e Resinas

Filtros Permution

Desmi - Carvão ativado e resinas de troca iônica

Totalfiltros - Resina de troca catiônica Purolite

Via Filtros - Filtro de Carvão ativado

Via Filtros - Carvão ativado a granel

Aqua Sol Nascente - Resina catiônica para aquários

Stella Resinas - resinas de troca iônica

Filtros Curitiba - válvula para regulagem de vazão

Elos - válvula para regulagem de vazão

Totalfiltros - Válvula para regulagem de vazão

Blukit - Válvula para regulagem de vazão

Ice Filtros - Válvula para regulagem de vazão

Vídeo - Zeólitas Naturais origem, propriedades e aplicações

Watercel2 - Vídeos sobre Zeólitas

Zeocel - Zeólitas ZF, ZN, ZS, ZE e ZZ

VTN - Zeólitas ZF, ZN, ZS, ZE e ZZ

Loja B Filters - Zeólitas ZF, ZN e ZS

Rapid removal of organic micropollutants from water by a porous β-cyclodextrin polymer

www.cyclopure.com - CycloPure has developed high surface area cyclodextrin polymers to remove micropollutants from water.

Green Approach to Dye Wastewater Treatment Using Biocoagulants

Simultaneous removal of anions using moringa-functionalized adsorbents

Water disinfection using moringa protein adsorbed on rice husk ash

Development of a low-cost water treatment technology using Moringa oleifera seeds

A natural coagulant protein from copra (Cocos nucifera): Isolation, characterization, and potential for water purification

Isolation and characterization of a flocculating protein from Moringa oleifera Lam.

Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of Moringa oleifera seed extract as a sustainable solution for potable water

Cheap carbon roses pull radioactivity from water.

Filtro de Areia

17.10. Algas

Florescência Algal (Wikipedia)

YSI - Harmful Algal Blooms

17.11. Microbiologia

Bottled Water Strikes Thousands With Norovirus

Água engarrafada com Norovírus contamina mais de 4000 pessoas na Espanha

Norovírus: uma visão geral



Drinking Water Disinfection with Electrolysis

Uma Célula Eletroquímica de Camada Delgada para Desinfecção de Água Contaminada com Staphylococcus aureus

Studies on the electrochemical disinfection of water containing Escherichia coli using a Dimensionally Stable Anode

Fermentibacteria - Uma nova bactéria anaeróbia

Microbes in the Water Infrastructure: Underpinning Our Society

Fishing (with D -glucose), trapping in porous network of paper) and killing of Escherichia coli (E. coli) (with Moringa oleifera cationic protein (MOCP)) in potable water

Cultivo de bactéria Vibrio fischeri para teste de toxicidade

Determinação de NMP pela Técnica dos tubos múltiplos

17.12. Fórum