24. Monitoramento Ambiental

Ciência Cidadã

Smart Citizen

Monitoramento de baixo custo da qualidade da água com Arduino.

Design of Low-cost Autonomous Water Quality Monitoring System

Nanobionic spinach plants can detect explosives

24.1. Monitoramento de Água

Alguns artigos interessantes sobre possíveis aplicações do parâmetro ORP:

Monitoramento do consumo de água com IoT - Parte 1

Hackaday - Node Based Water Monitoring Network

Colorimetric Water Quality Sensing with Mobile Smart Phones

24.1.1. Nível

Capacitive Fluid Level Sensor

Medição de nível por borbulhamento

Bubbler systems are used to measure water level by detecting the pressure required to force air through a submerged tube. The tube is mounted with the end of the tube below the water surface being measured, and the air emerges from the bottom of the tube as a stream of bubbles. The air flow rate is relatively small--just enough to prevent water from backing up into the tube--so the pressure required to push air through the tube is equal to the pressure at the tube's outlet. This pressure is proportional to the water depth above the bottom of the tube. A big advantage to bubblers is the location of the pressure sensor. The sensor, or transducer, is at the air source on the canal bank instead of being under water. Submerged transducers can have problems with corrosion, clogging, freezing, and physical damage from debris, animals, or people. The only submerged part of a bubbler system is the air tube, which is inexpensive to replace if it becomes damaged.

How to make a Capacitive Water Level Sensor

Depth sensor prototype

A Dozen Ways to Measure Fluid Level

24.2. Sensores

DHTxx sensors

Firmware module for DHT11 sensor

Projetos de sensores com Arduino (Instructable)

How Thermal Mass Flow Meter Technology Works

Virtual Instrument for Emissions Measurement of Internal Combustion Engines

Capacitive sensor, Theory, application and design

Shield para pH/ORP

Shield para pH


ORP Sensors - Are They Really The Best Thing "Since Sliced Bread"?

YSI - Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hach - Turbidez

24.3. Sensores de Umidade do Solo

Sensores alternativos para umidade do solo

24.4. Monitoramento Atmosférico

Estação Meteorológica com Arduino

Estação Meteorológica com NodeMCU